Get Lucky With Registration At Amazon

An American best web-based commerce company is The company deals customers shopping orders and shipments online. It was founded in 5th July, 1994 in Washington, US.

Products and Services

From 5th July, 1994 this online shopping store deals as an online bookstore, but with its immense popularity and high standard quality products, now it offers various DVD movies, dramas, video games, MP3 streaming and download, mobile phones, food, furniture, toys and others. This commerce company is gaining market share by providing services like Kindle e-reader, cloud computing, Fire Tablet and Tv.

Shopping and Shipping by the Company

The company provides its customers an exciting offers and deals for their registration. The customer could shop on their online website and book their orders. The order will processed after the online payment through customer credit accounts. They could also track their shipment by their order code generate after the order is booked on the company website.

Steps to register:

  • Click on the link
  • By clicking on the “New Customer” mentioned under the Sign in account tab, you will reach to the customer sign up form.
  • Under the Registration tab, now enter your name in the given box. Your name would be the log in name of your account on this website.
  • Now enter your email address in the require field to get the special offers and promotional news on your email address.
  • Now type your email address again in the given box which you have mentioned in the step 4. This will confirm your email address in case of misspelled.
  • Enter your mobile number in the given box. This field is optional, but you can enter in the given box case of your account password recovery or other notification which you will receive on your mobile number.
  • Now enter your new password in the given box. This password will only used for your this company user registered account online.
  • Enter your account password again in the given field which you have entered in the step 7.
  • After completing the sign up form, now click on the “create account” to finish the registration process on this electronic commerce company website.

The company believes in providing same quality standard products on your doorstep in quick and efficient manner just as you see on the website.