Get Quick Results By A Portable Box For The Testing Of Blood!

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When you want to test your blood it requires so many things like a laboratory and trained paramedics and doctors to provide the exact result.

Taking samples of blood from the lab and the results of the blood is a procedure that takes too much time and you have to pay as well.

An Irish company did the invention of a box in which the blood can be tested and you will get immediate result as the doctor will tell you the result on the spot.

This box can be used almost everywhere and it was made for the astronauts to use it in space at the time of need.

When we think about blood test the image of injections and needle appears and we just get scared merely by thinking about it. Apart from that the testing of blood requires a number of steps to be followed to get the satisfactory result. This procedure takes a lot of time and sometimes even 2 to 3 days.

The physicians were waiting for a simple device to use for the blood tests since a very long time. According to a Jerry who is the son of a farmer and joined the profession of health care mentioned this to the newspaper. They wanted something that can give the results in a spur of moment.

After doing researches for almost six years, the company of O’Brien’s introduced a Gemini Protype for the diagnosis. A single drop of blood is dripped and any kind of molecules that carry disease will be visible in the form of long chains.

The doctors can make use of the cartridges in the diseases which they are trying to find. These diseases include heart diseases, liver and diabetic problems as well.

This device is having a number of applications which can be used for multiple purposes.