Gigantic Drone Has Been Built By Facebook To Provide The Internet Facility

Facebook which is enjoying its peak period in the industry always looks for something new and now a gigantic drone which will work on solar energy has been built by Facebook. The drone will be left in the stratosphere for the few months and will have the ability to provide broadband internet to these areas where it is difficult to provide them such facility.

Facebook has a connectivity lab which has been performing its responsibility of working on the development of new technology and this new drone which is named as “Aquila” is also the product of this connectivity lab.

Still there are above four billion people to which broadband internet cannot reach and 10 percent people in the world do not have the basic infrastructure by which they can get online. They are the people whom Facebook has been targeting and making satellites, drones, laser and terrestrial internet technology so that these people can also get the broadband internet facility who lacks the infrastructure.

Announced was made this week about the success of different projects and among them drone project was the one whose construction has been completed and it is ready to do the task for which it has been prepared. According to the team researchers, it has been discovered by them to deliver data through lasers with a speed which is 10 times higher than the industry standards.

Facebook had been engaged in the preparation of the drone since last one year and the project was started after the purchase of a UK based Drone Company in 2014, the name of the company was “Ascenta”.

Yael Maguire, the engineering director of Facebook’s Connectivity Lab shared the dream of the company. According to him, project had the target of building an aircraft which could run with the solar power and an unmanned aircraft which could be flown above the commercial airspace and will be able to remain in the air for at least 3 months for a continuous period. This drone would be capable of providing the internet to the people who are present in the radius of about fifty miles on the earth.

Facebook has not yet tested the drone but it is expected to have its first flight for the structural test within the coming 6 months. To bring it in a complete shape of working, Facebook cannot give the exact date.

The looks of the Aquila drone are similar to a huge boomerang of v shape. It has a diameter of 140 feet having the wingspan which is same like a Boeing 737 has and solar cells fully cover the aircraft. It is created by carbon fiber which has almost the strength of twice or thrice more than steel when it is cured. The weight of the drone would reach almost 880 pounds ifit is loaded with batteries, motors and equipment for communication.

Basic objective of the drone is to give internet facility to the people and for that purpose, a laser system will be connected with the drone as well as the ground. Currently, in California tens of gigabytes per second of speed is available through the laser system which is considered to be enough to provide access to the internet to a number of people.