Glimpse Of Our Future From Ces 2015!

There was a common holdback in last week at the show of the Consumer Electronics. The future is here.

The future time that is about to come as it is described in Back to the Future 2, the time of 1989 that is the sequel of 1985, it just happened in real this year or you can say that many of us saw the future of space as the excited kids watching everything with excitement.

At the Consumer Electronics Show there were cars that were moving without any driver, robots that were either cooking or greeting you. There were sensors in this show which can be connected to any part of our body and interact with our Smartphone. Drones were flying in the air and took selfies from high above so quickly that you can’t even catch a glimpse of it.

There were awesome sets of speakers that were able attracting the attention of the people. The modern future is quite amazing than the imagination of the Hollywood writers ever imagined.

The technology editor of Atlantic whose name is Adrienne and she is fan of the Future sequel said, “We may not be having flying cars and the hover boards but I am not feeling disappointment.

She told that the self-driving cars are very awesome if we want to go somewhere we use an airplane but a self driving car is too much better and can give a different and changed way of living.

In Back to the Future 2, McFly and his companions were enjoying fun on a new kind of TV that is similar to a movie screen. It is not having a round tube but having a flat screen, and he can even do video calls on that TV.

But in this present time we are having better choices. We can call, play games, listen music etc on the flat sets of panels and last but not the least we have got Ultra HD resolution.

We are having modern gadgets, networks and Smartphones that can do more than even Steve Jobs could think about when he made his iPhone publically known in 2007.

At the beginning it was time to talk about the net surfing, checking mails and playing games. But now is the time of things and life that is connected to internet. In the 2015 CES it seems like each and every product there was connected with the internet and the applications of the Smartphones.

Our future is letting us open the door with our mobiles, we can turn on and off a car and even we can turn off and on the lights. Most important of all, let’s not forget about the applications that are installed in dryers, washing machines, hearths, cars etc.

This modern era is providing us a number of internet things that are making our lives quite easy and amazing. In our near future there will be more progress in all these creations. Now we are having cameras that is monitoring our every move from the spa.