“GO GREEN” A Gadget Which Switch The Traffic Light From Red To Green

In a world of technology, where every device is easing the life of the people, the new device in the America has stunned the human mind in its technological advancement. In Newcastle a innovative device is launched which prevent the cars to stop at the traffic signal and wait for the traffic lights to switch from red to green.

The innovative technology was being tested before on the many driverless vehicles before launching in the market. The trials are made on the vehicles which are connected with the traffic lights and have to stopped on the traffic signal. With this new gadget, now the drivers need not to be stop on the signal and are fully automated which could help them to pass the signals while driving through the urban areas.

This creative and innovative new device would be attached to the Sat Nav a windscreen which easily detects the next coming traffic lights from the 100 meters and would send a message to the priority to switch the light from red to green before the cars arrived. It would also guide the drivers to adjust their vehicle speed according to the gadget program which could switch the light from green to red before the vehicle arrives at the signal. The accurate speed limit of the cars or vehicles should be adjusting enough to match with the device installed program which turns on the green light on the traffic signal.

The first trail was done on the Ambulance in North East which took the patients to the hospital in time. The sole purpose of this ground-breaking system in the Ambulance was to improve the safety and give a smooth ride to the patients to the hospital. It also helps to reduce the fuel bills which increase by frequent stops or unnecessary breaks on the way.

The device is not being tested in big cities of the Newcastle. It is tested at the small area in the city and according to the developers, as the gadget project is successfully working in the small part of the city, it should be introduced in the vehicles which travels in the large city in the coming years. The project would be implemented on the taxis and lorries and are expected to work good in those vehicles as it will reduce the pollution as well as congestion in the big cities which are faced due to the heavy traffic jams.

In a report to the media the Highways Agency is now considering a plan to permit freight vehicles which are driverless and travel up to the six miles between Port of Tyne at night and Nissan in Sunderland. With usage of this new technology which eases the headache of heavy traffic jams and long wait on the traffic signals, a driver could quickly cross the series of green lights on the traffic signal before signal without stopping.

The introduction of this new device is a fruitful step for the driverless cars and could improve the traffic conditions on the busy roads.