Goodbye Emojis – Say Hello To GIF Keyboard

Are you tired from using the same emoji over and over again or from unsuccessfully finding the perfect emoji that describes what you’re trying to tell someone? If you answered yes then you will be pleased to know that animated GIF keyboards will soon be available to iOS.

After Apple announced iOS early this year, one of the features that made developers really excited is iOS 8 Extensions. This signals that developers can now bring keyboard apps to iOS devices for the first time. iOS users have been waiting for this kind of app for the longest time.

While companies are already expected to introduce their keyboard apps to the new iOS, a new keyboard app was revealed – something that a lot of iPhone users used to think was just an impossible dream.

A PopKey keyboard app will allow users to use a keyboard that contains different animated GIFs.

Although at present, iMessage already allows users to send and receive GIFs, the company responsible for PopKey, WorkShopX, says the app includes the process of selecting and sending.

In an emoji-style keyboard available in iOS, PopKey is comprised of different themed categories – each one contains dozens of GIFs. Instead of keywords, the GIFs are organized by emotions and reactions. There are sections for different ideas often expressed using GIFs, such as “swag,” “facepalm,” “shocked,” and “LOL.”

Users can also upload their own animated GIFs to the app apart from the hundreds of GIFs that come with the app. In addition, the app will also be updated based on topics that are currently trending around the web.

According to Adrian Salamunovic, WorkShopX’s cofounder, the app is being updated every hour so that new categories will be created for users to use right away should a trending event happens.

The app will be available in the next few weeks with the iOS 8 is to be released on Sept. 17. The exact time on when the app will be launched will depend on the approval process of Apple.

Salamunovic also said that the app is going to be free but they are also bringing premium upgrades in the app’s future versions that might require in-app purchases.

The company released a short video for PopKey and the app is self-explanatory. To use the app, you need to download it from the app store. You can then choose the keyboard by tapping the world icon found at the bottom left of the keyboard – the same action you use for emoji keyboard. From there, you can choose from a variety of GIFs to better express yourself in a conversation.

GIFs have become one of the most sough-after features in the web and internet users just can’t get enough of them. How would it feel that your favorite GIFs will be available in an app and that you can pick one to send that aptly describes your emotion at the moment?

Fortunately, iPhone users only have to wait for a couple of weeks to take advantage of this wonderful feature.