Google Expandes The Refund Time For Applications From Play Store

Google came with some good news for Android users who buy application from the Play Store and then change their mind about the purchase shortly after. The refund time was only 15 minutes and users didn’t had time to decide wheather they wanted the application or not. That is why the company decided to extend the period up to 2hours.

Now, after buying an application, next to the “Open” button you can find the “ Refund” option which lasts 120 minutes from the moment of purchase. Now there is plenty of time to start the application in order to ensure that it fulfills its functions and responds to your needs.

If the conditions are not fulfilled you can return the application and Google will pay you the exact amount of money you did. When the 2 hours pass, the button “Refund” is replaced with “ Uninstall”.

There is, however, a protection measure against those who want to abuse this function. For those who want to buy and return an application over and over again in order to use it for free, Google has implemented and intelligent system.

If you return an application and then you want to make the purchase again, the Refund function is no longer available. This is valid only once, when the application is first attached to the account.

Currently, Google Play’s store is the only mobile application which offers the possibility of returning the content using an automated system. To return the applications from the AppStore and Windows Store you have to get in tough with the customer service department.

Moreover, free applications that include payed content are no longer listed as “ Free” on Play Store and can be installed with just one click on the “ Install” button.