Among the toplist technology giants the big threat is the continuous change in the technology that is providing their best in the market.

Different companies like Dell and Hewlett saw the lapse in which the use of their devices started ending when the computers got replaced by laptops, tabs, iPads and smart devices.

The same way computers were in demand before in the businesses and among the consumers but with the modern updates they were also replaced by the iPads and android devices. The sales of Intel and Microsoft were going down and Apple was boosting up its progress along with a group of Asian electronics maker.

Another big change that is taking place in the market for the mean of digital advertisement is where the sponsorship of mobiles is being replaced by those of the PCs and the videos are continuously earning fame and dollars.

This change was helpful in overcoming the most serious challenge for Google superior rank in the marketing of selling and digital advertisement.

This is the reason why Facebook is increasing its shares in the fast updating market of Google. This social setup of networking find out the method of latest uploading of the branded advertisements into the news of the mobile without the need of turning off the users, as it happens in most softwares.

By the recent results of Facebook networking this company is successful in earning more from the market then it was expected and it’s even more than the share of Google in the business.

The average rate of the advertisements by Google is increasing well as compared to the advertisements prices of Google that are falling continuously.