Google Gives Up Charging A Communications Service

Google allows, starting September 11, mobile devices to use Hangouts application for video calls and online for free or cheaper. They are following the Skype method. “

Hangouts already allows sending a quick message and also allows starting a video group conversation” explained one of Google Group’s directors, Amit Fulay, in a nothe published on the company’s blog.

He also said “ sometimes it’s better to simply call ( a person) and say “ I love you”. With the new version of Hangouts this is now possible.

Google merged the abilities of their online calling service named Google Voice with its messenger application named Hangouts. Hangouts has great success on Google+ and it allows especially group video conversations.

Calls between Hangouts users will be free of charge as the calls made in the United States and Canada, says Amit Fulay. He also mentioned that international calls will be cheaper.

Calls made via Hangouts will be available on mobile devices that work with Android ( developed by Google) and IOS ( developed by Apple).