Google Introduced Its New On Hub Router

Wi-Fi routers do not look attractive because of its wires and blinking lights therefore, we usually keep them hidden. But an unfortunate thing is that the signals of these Wi-Fi routers are strong when we keep the routers visible. If antennas are allowed to be open and no walls block them, they may reach farther. Another important thing we do is the changing of the place of router to gain effective coverage of Wi-Fi.

To overcome such issues of the router, a router with new design has been made by Google. The name given to it is OnHub and the price is $199. It is very convenient to set op and is not disturbing for the eye as well.

OnHub has been experimented and compared with an Apple Airport Extreme and it was a little faster in speed than other one. The coverage is great as well. It was working very well even going 3 rooms away from it.

The performance was not superior very highly but overall it was a better one. OnHub is a device with cylindrical shape and a plastic shell is present outside it that can be swapped. Blue and black are the 2 colors in which this shell comes. More colors will also be introduced in the future.

Now, if you can put your router in the house anywhere because of attractive looks of OnHub. Its cord remain under the shell although the lights of the route will only glow when there is something you need to know about it. Moreover the adjustment of the brightness of the light can also be done.

OnHub create difference in its app. Its language and design simple to understand and problems can easily be identified and does not create any mess and confusion.

Router can only be set up and control if iOS and Android mobile app is used. No option for web or desktop is available. You will be able to go through the process of set up in the app where you will be given clear directions.

Number of devices which are attached with it are shown here along with the data being used by them. You Wi-Fi can also be prioritized for a particular device for 2, 4 or some hours. It also gives suggestions to fix any prevailing problem and tells that where the fault is.

Another convenience in the router is that you can share the name of your network and its password for your guests from the app rather than telling them the 12 character password written there. Any troubleshoot in the connection can also be managed remotely wherever you are.

Currently, Google has just made this new device for the simple Wi-Fi network at home but very soon some new features are going to be added in it to make it worth more. ZigBee and Bluetooth are built in but still they are disabled by the company. There is a speaker of 3 watt in it as well. So looking at such things, we can expect from the Google that it would bring more upgrades in it.