Google Is Going To Use Its Street View Cars For The Monitoring Of The Pollution

Google collect data for its Google Maps with the help of street view cars which are found to be driven in the streets and now to gain some more benefits from them, Google with a combined effort of “Aclima” which is a San Francisco base startup, is working on the data collection regarding the air quality of the cities. Environmental Sensors are put in the Google street view cars with an objective of expanding the air quality mapping efforts to the San Francisco Bay Area over the next year.

Aclima has made a partnership not only with Google Earth Outreach but also with the Environmental Protection Agency achieve the desired goal.

The program was initiated in Denver and 150 million air quality data points were collected during that one month period initiative in which three vehicles performed the duties of collection. Monitoring depends on the area where it is being done, it can be either at a single place with thorough look or it may visit many different places in the city.

Dan Costa, the EPA’s research director told that the project on which Google and Aclima are working together isapparentlythe next plan and a perfect way to move this whole science forward. Aclima disclosed the fact that indoor environment was being monitored by the company in the offices of google for the last many years which were 21 in number and 500 million data points are processed by the company every day to collect real time data.

The monitoring of quality of the air includes all the elements which are significant to it for example humidity, temperature and emissions. Manager of the Google Earth Outreach, Karin Tuxen-Bettman appreciated the program and said that the data which is being collected by Aclima is going to be very useful and will make us able to improve the environment in which we are living.

The company has an objective for the future in its consideration which is the gathering of hyper-local data in a number of areas which the residents, scientists, officials, businesses and regulators would be able to use. Aclima has an objective of making the information regarding environment and its quality available regularly and everyone should have an easy access to such information and we all cooperate and make smarter decisions which become a part of the change need to be brought for the improvements.

Davida Herzl, CEO of Aclima also showed hope for the success of the project in his video message. He said that this is going to be the first event ever in which we will come to about the activities in our environment through the understandings of human scale.