Google Is Not Going To Be An Automaker!

The Google executive who is the in charge of the technology giant’s self driving car, came in front of the public on the Motor City, giving the surety that his company is not having any planning of jumping in this business of starting automobiles.

Even more surety giving for Detroit, the director of the self driving car whose name is Chris Uramson said that his company will be in need of a partner in future to make cars by the use of modern technology.

How fast it happens in the near time it’s not surety yet. During the presentation of an automobiles conference Chris didn’t mentioned the exact date for how early in the near future the technology is going to be known publically. He told the Detroit press that the aim of his organization is to have cars that drive on their own, in the next five years and that Google is building the ones in Livonia.

This kind of news would be quite enough for the people to feel the enthusiasm and get the shivers by thinking about the traditional business of auto making, where the obsession of getting the success by the latest technology is just so intriguing that just by thinking about it people get excited.

In order to give surety to the General Motors, Ford and the Fiat Chrysler Detroit Big 3 Chris told a number of officials here at the Automobiles News world congress that he is deciding to do partnership with any traditional maker of the automobiles and that Google is having no intentions of going in the business of automobiles.

Chris said, “We don’t want to do a business of cars making.”Even though recently Google is working on their new discovery of bubble shaped car, which drives on its own and these days it is in the process of testing. It is really good thing to know that Google is capable of becoming an automobile creator but at some point chances are that it will search for a partner, in order to build a series of its own vehicles.

All this was enough for explanation as he also told that Google is not into automatic cars for the money. The project was just a side line for the search of the Google engines. The real aim is to do the things that matter in the world.

Google is having hopes to see its self driving car on sale in the time limit of almost five years. Roughly in line after this car is Nissan. The CEO of this company said that he wants his cars to be on sale within the next five years and he is quite eagerly waiting for that time.

All the automakers are not excited in this way. The question is that they are still eager to know if the people will take interest in this new creation on they will prefer to drive on their own. Yet this automatic car is going through a series of tests before appearing in front on the public.They are hoping a positive response.