Google Is Planning To Buy Twitter This Year

Twitter is not in the news due to its changing trend techniques which they have implemented in the new version of their app. The trend now gives the descriptive view, which inform the user why such topic is trending in the top list of the Twitter. With such innovative and advanced techniques, now Twitter’s price of the share could be usually checked and in the eyes of the shareholders who are trying to buy the share in this new company. The stock market is now booming with the twitter rising share prices. One of the interested shareholders is from the Google Corp. The social site has hired Goldman, who is the investment banker for the claim and to defend the website from the Google

Such kind of troubles are not new to the social website. Last year and the previous years, Twitter and the Google were always linked with each other. The same claim rumors were in the news last year, which was happening before the micro-blogging on the website which later went public. The company later refused to comment on all the claims neither they are interested in responding about this latest buzz which set fire on the Internet world.

If the claim reports are to be believed if the Twitter and the Google merged into one, then this would become the second biggest acquisition in the technology world as both companies are competing each other in advanced techniques and innovative ideas for their websites. It is reported that it could be worth more than the merging of the Facebook and the WhatsApp which happened in 2013. The cost which is estimated on their acquisition was almost $19bn on the purchase of WhatsApp in 2013. The AOL and the Time Warner, who was merged in the January 2000 were at the third biggest acquisition in the technology with the estimated cost of almost $106bn.

The Twitter is now valued more than $33bn while the biggest search engine Google estimated as $60bn according to the bank. It includes lots of other additional charges like taxes, share , debt or the funded acquisition.

The main question which stunned the whole technological world is why Google is taking interest in the purchase of the second biggest social website Twitter. Various analysts worked on the Twitter stock prices which are raised after the Google claiming rumor. This is not the first time in the history of the Twitter website. Such rumors always raise its shares and add interests of the other shareholders to purchase the biggest social website.

The research shows that the Twitter which has the 140 character tweet allowances has unique and special feature which is not common in other search and social networking websites. With the advancement in its new features and increasing numbers of the registered members, now the acquisition news in the competitive world matters the stock price of the social site.

Google is also working on a similar project which is like to trend the same topics on the website to earn a million users attention, who logged in every month to send 500m tweets to the followers on the Twitter.