Google Is Possibly Working On A Brand New Photo-Sharing Service That’s Got No Ties With Google+

Google Photos is a great tool. Google’s photo-sharing service offers a wide range of features and tools. These range anywhere from a long list of editing tools, the ability to locally download photos in your cloud, custom albums for your shots, Auto Awesome enhancements and so much more. The service is great overall, but there’s one slight problem that currently plagues it. That problem, is Google+. To be able to use Google Photos, you must have a Google+ account. We’ve seen Google make a push for the use of their social media service, most notably with its tight integration with YouTube comments recently, but it looks like the company is starting to pull back on their punches. According to new reports, Google is in the process of crafting a brand new photo sharing service that does not have any ties at all with Google+.

When you think about it, the move would be incredibly smart on Google’s part. Google Photos is an incredibly useful tool. With that said, the accessibility to it is hampered by the requirement of a Google+ account. By creating a service that offers (potentially) the same features without that requirement could be a big win for Google. This isn’t the first time though that we’ve seen Google finally start to pull back on their big push for their social media service. Recently, we saw that Google was now allowing certain businesses to host videoconferences on Hangouts even without having Google+ accounts. Whether or not we’ll see this make its way to average users is yet to be seen, but it is still promising to see that Google isn’t being so aggressive with their integration of Google+ anymore. Although the social networking site isn’t necessarily bad, it just isn’t growing like Google had hoped it would. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are currently dominating that market. While Google+ certainly does some things better than its competitors, it just doesn’t have the fan-base that it needs to truly see the growth and attention that it so desperately needs if it is going to be considered a serious competitor. Google recently said that “Over here in our darkroom, we’re always developing new ways for people to snap, share and say cheese.”

In regards to statistics on Google+, Google reports that the social networking site currently has over 500 million users, along with more than 1.5 billion photos being uploaded to Google+ every single week. While these sound like strong numbers, they pale in comparison with Facebook’s growing list of over 1 billion active users. Google+ has certainly grown and improved since it was initially launched, but it still has yet to take off like Google thought it would. While the company will still continue to market the service and get more users on it, not forcing people to have accounts for it to access certain features of things could turn out to be very beneficial to the company. Since the users won’t be forced into having a Google+ account with the new photo service, they most likely won’t have a feeling of hate towards Google+. In turn, they’re more likely to make an account on their own part and give it a good look.