Google Is Using Its Dominate Power To Abuse The Ad Companies

Last week, the world biggest search engine Google was dealing with a case filed by the other search engines against the Google Corp, that the company is using their information from the search engine and posting as their own. The TripAdvisor and other companies had a fight against the company of illegal usage of their provided information and with using the dominant power of the biggest search engine on the internet, it later threatened them, that if they would not allow the Google search engine for using their data, then there website would be blocked and no one could access their information afterwards.

Recently, the same case again splash in the news, that the other case filed by the European Union, which is a serious complaint against the company over its illegal behavior of the anti-competitive. The commissioner of the competition claimed that they had already issued an objection statement which highlighted the promotion of the firm (google) of their own links which are related with the shopping websites. Such illegal actions straightly showed the abusive dominance of the Google on the other shopping website. They are in the view, that now the Google should be answerable for their abusive actions in the next 10 weeks with the proper reasons of their dominance. Using the dominant power in the Internet world, Google always threatened the other competitive websites, and used their published information for its own use. Now in an advertisement and the shopping websites, Google is against using its dominate power and preferring its own linked websites more than the competition websites on the search engine which is illegal action and could sue the Google.

In respond to the case which was filed by the other companies, the Google replied that such cases are illogical and fake. They strongly disagree with the objection statements published by the European Union to the court. They respond that they would answer for their actions with the proofs and are deeply analyzed the whole agenda of such companies.

Ms Vestager also uncovered that an investigation had already launched against the company to observe the actions of the Google who has bundled its all apps and the Android services of the operating system, which is against the law. With these complaints and the allegations, the commissioner ordered that EU should carefully monitor all the activities which Google is adopting against their rivalries and are already caught in a case filed from the other competition authorities.

The report has the investigation plan of the last five years, which contains all the abusive and illegal actions of the Google against its rivalries and still the actions are pending with the logical answers send by the company. The case will make the legal process, which would be charged in billions of euros to the Google if their crime is proofed in the court.

The Google is earning more than 90% of the web searches of the European Union and if they withdraw their websites from this search engine Google would be at a loss.