Google Needs To Disclose Search Tacts For Senate Of French

The Google who is already exposed by the Eurpean court about their commission of the competition as they have adopted the tacts to dominate their shopping websites more than the other websites which also deal in the shopping content. It’s the very bad month for the Google Another news splashed against the Google by the commissioner of the competition about the mobile OS and Android which used Google. They have launched the complains of the antitrust against the biggest website on the internet. Such processes of last years, which are high level are not in support of the Google. If the company doesn’t answer and satisfy the commission about these allegations and their illegal actions, they would have to be pay fine in the billions.

On the other day, the parliament’s upper house has voted for the amendments in the economy draft bill which requires all the search engines to disclose about their rivals which are competent on their official website. The voters also required to know the algorithms of rankings and its working to confirm the results, whether they are favorable or unfavorable to the companies. It is reported that Google market share in a search engine market is about 90% in France. Such amendments, which are not showing any certain names of the companies are not specifically implemented. But it could be aimed at the company like Mountain view

The member of a Senate Catherine Morin-Desailly who is on the committee of the culture and communication, have written these amendments. According to the other amendment which indicates to the alternate search engine has displayed which should be supportive to a product of the French. The Minister of Economy in France Emmanuel Macron criticized the amendments as reported by the Figaro. He argued that these interventions are solely left to the commission of Europe. But the Morin-Desailly has made this urgency case, in support of the businesses which are established at the homegrown. According to him, the procedures for such cases are much slower in the Europe.

While discussing this amendment issue, last week, the Morin cleared that the purpose of the amendments is to know the perceived combat bias about the Google as how they operates their algorithms in a secret box, with the major accusation that it always uses special code to advertise the Google own products more effectively than the rivals of the company which used same web engine to promote their products.

She also claimed that it raised a question of the fairness on the Google who always used its dominant power. There are many businesses which used the search engines. Now the net around the Google is narrower now.

The Google’s ranking in search engine also become the jealousy factor for its rivals in the Europe. The court of the Europe rule of “forgotten rightly” is well aware of the court in Europe. The basic concept is that the algorithms of the Google are outdated now about the information of the citizens of the Spain.