Google News Should Be Back – Spanish Newspapers!

The Internet seems like the delicate tropical forest network. If the one player is removed, then the rest of the players will also suffer and die. Well actually that happened in the Spain. This week, a crack down on the Google was observed by the government of the Spain. The reason of that was to tell the Google to pay to the news providers of the Spain every time whenever the content from the Google appears on the news site.

As a result, the Google, who is the search giant will put the brakes on the Google News there in Spain. That means, that the Google is going to shut down the Google News and there will be no content available on the major newspapers of the country including the La Vanguardia and El Pais also.

This is a serious concern for all the news providers in the country as they are going to miss out the search giant’s Google News from now on. But, that happened just in the response of the Spanish government’s new policies about the Google News and the Google doesn’t like that at all.

Well, this is a real bad news! While the newspapers have claimed that they can stay alive in this Internet age without seeking any support from outside, this is entirely wrong. Because the most of the news traffic always comes from the search, so it can be imagined how important it is that the Google News must stay alive there.

The Spanish newspapers depend heavily on the Google for the traffic and the visitor count and if it is not there, then you can imagine the situation. It will not be good at all.

The Spanish reports have been received that says that the Spanish Newspaper Publishers’ Association is asking for the mercy now.

According to the statement of the Spanish Newspaper Publishers’ Association, “The Google News was not the end of the service provided by its leading market position” and be aware of the Google’s decision about it: “It will without any doubt effect the Spanish businesses and the people and leave a negative impact”.

According to the Google:

The new policy demands every single Spanish publication to charge the services like the Google News in order to show even the little parts from their publications, either they want or they simply don’t. We don’t show any kind of advertisement on the site and the Google News itself don’t makes any money. So, his new policy is just not sustainable. So, sadly, the Google News will no more be available in the Spain and just before the new legislation comes into the effect, the Google will remove the Spanish publishers from the Google News.

So, it is a real concern for the Spanish newspapers as this new law from the Spanish government is going to take effect after the 16 December and the Google is going to remove the Google News in response to that.