Google Party For The Teachers One Year Anniversary

Google who is the largest search engine in the internet world, is now partying this week in the celebration of its Teachers as an Appreciation Week. As the Google has already announced this celebration that they would start the party in the Google Classrooms, the developers of this biggest website, has developed an App with the name as Google Classroom which is the best source of the education for the students. They Google App for Education was created to design the teacher’s corner where they could assign, organize and complete the work through the Google Drive with the students who are part of this Google Classroom.

Since, the day it launched, the Google has unveiled almost 70 million worthwhile assignments were shared and created in the Google App for Education and Google Classroom.The App contains the 40 million students and the teachers around the world. With this amount, the Google Chromewhich is the fastest web browser, it has successfully gotten more that 2.3 million users, who have downloaded the Google Classroom extension in their desktop and PC’s. The Play Store which runs on the Android Mobile phones have reached up to 1 million users after the launch of this amazing App online.

To celebrate the One Year Anniversary of this Teachers App, the Google already updated all the app on the mobile to make it easier for the class to track themselves. It doesn’t matter, whichever device you are using through the Google extension. You need to track your classroom for the celebration, with the Google on this auspicious occasion.

Last January, the app release of the mobile came with a note it is more focused on the students work and it allows them to access the assignments or work from anywhere through this Google App which is downloaded in their device through the store. The App is an easy to share the workload of the teachers who used this Google App and help them to communicate and share the study material in a much better way with the students. It also helps them to share their extensive work.

Though this app, now the teachers could create their assignments and have the edit option as well. They just need to go to the mobile device where the app is downloaded and could make a copy of the assignment for the students. The app also works for the gradation of the students’ assignments, which is easily done through the tablets and the mobile device which have this Google App. Every student could get the guidance on their assignments and could provide the feedback,criticism. The feedback and the information, would be private and the confidential as the other students couldn’t share or check each other information through this app.

In case, the teachers want to print the assignment, they could get the photo of the assignment and could share in the classroom not a virtual but a real classroom with their students. The main goal of the App is to give teachers less time to copy and print the assignment which they have created online and more focus on the teaching time.