Google Planning To Unleashed Robotic Cars In July

In coming July, the world largest website, Google has plans to unleash their robotic car project into the automotive market. According to the new innovative techniques, which are applied in the car, the company has purposely built such type of cars, which could be self drive and operate on the roads. The function of the car, would be same as the normal cars, but it doesn’t need a driver to drive the card and following the traffic rules. The car has all the auto system for the driving.

At the California, Mountain View, few car trials are performed by the company to test the automatic or the self- driving system which is installed in the cars.

It is already known, that only the smaller vehicles are tested in the testing areas, where there is not a mix of large traffics, but the new Robotic car of the Google, trialed with the regular traffic on the road.

Before that, the company like Google has autonomous tested their newly invented vehicles on the public roads with the heavy traffics, but all of the tests by such cars are controlled and modified by the SUV Lexus.

These robot cars are not an autonomous completely, but they will have the safety drivers on the board who could take over of the control of the car on the roads, if the action required, such as emergency breaks, which could only be controlled by the drivers to avoid the serious crashes or accidents on the roads.

According to the Jaime Waydo, who is the system engineer in the self-driving project, shared his opinion on the video release of this Google Car Project. He said:

“Every moment has been building towards putting these cars on the roads where we can start learning even more from them”.

The main aim to create these robotic vehicles is not to use the steering wheel or any detachable version controller during the road tests in the coming future. The robotic vehicles have the 25mph top speed, which is almost 40km/hr during the test of this vehicle on the road.

Ms Waydo, expressed her opinion in a public debut during the preparation of the robotic cars, the cars need to clear a plenty of reliability and the durability test which is mostly demand of the users, who like such features in their automobiles. Every vehicle should be clocking up almost thousands of miles per week on the testing tracks like the Streets and the Highways of the California city.

According to the Chris Urmson, when these robotic designed cars, mixed up with the heavy traffic on the public road, it could help the engineers to clearly focused and analyze the software on the board, which should be controlled through these tests, before the proper release of the car to the users in an automotive market. He further added, that when these cars are given to the people, they could better judge the flaws in the cars software and most important it is mandatory to allow the people to drive these vehicles themselves.