Google Released Once Of Its Coolest Products

If one of your friends asks you to meet him at a specific place and a particular time say 7 pm, you will then set an event in your calendar to be reminded that takes almost 3 minutes. First you will close the messaging app, then calendar is opened and event’s name and time are to be set. The next thing you have to do is to find the place on Google app where you are invited whose address is to be copied in the calendar app by again opening it.

Considering such time consuming activity, Google has released a new product named as “Now on Tap”. This product has the cool feature to minimize the time to 3 seconds from 3 minutes. The working of the Now on Tap is done by holding down the home button after receiving the text and just say “OK Google, set me a calendar appointment” and you are done.

It is available for the users in the latest Android version and majorly it has 2 innovative things. First of them is that the home button can be held so that the instant information can be gotten related to what is the screen of your smartphone. Another thing is that command can be given though your voice or questions may be asked regarding the thing you are searching.

This is a very cool app, introduced by Google in which you can perform the activity of three minutes by just saying it in 3 seconds. One of the examples is if you are told by your wife to look at the movie “Bridge of Spies”. All you have to do is hold down the home button and you will be able to get the reviews about the movie.

According to the stats shown by Google, there are 80 percent of the users who spend most of their time in the apps when their phones are in their hands. The experience is different from the laptops in which Google search can be done just through a new tab.

Project Manager of Google, Aparna Chennapragada told that the company is still engaged in figuring out the understanding of the users’ context so that the action must be taken quickly to get the customers their required information.

Now on Tap is still new and it is very early to say that it would understand every text rather some relevant texts are copied and pasted from the screen in to the Google search. The main focus of the app is on the movies, music, people and restaurants. It helps you to know about the places to have a meal, movies reviews, information regarding the celebrities or it can give you the links so that you can play your favorite songs.