Google Revealed Its New Logo

Logo of Google has been changed and made in bigger size so that it may look better

Company has bring changes in the logo without any change in the color scheme, although it was made a light brighter.

The same typeface which has been used by the parent company of Google, Alphabet for the logo, is made now in sans-serif and size is thicker as well.

Google has made changes in the logo so that it can be made more easily readable on the mobile phones and wearables that is why the letters are contracted. The old logo was in use of the company since September 2013.

The announcement made by Bobby Nath and Tamar Yehoshua in a blog post on behalf of the company in which it was told that the logo of the Google that was initially made for a single desktop browser has been taken and updates have been given for a number of devices.

Another logo has been disclosed by the company which is a “G” with more than one colors that has been made to be placed where the entire name of the company cannot be fitted. In case of the processing of Google product, an animated set of 4 dots is also created to show up.

Many designers of the company collaborated for almost one week to make the logo during the current year. The aim was to make the logo for small screens that is a smaller version of that. They also wanted to include some movement and a steady look to be across the Google products.

Google has always tried to keep a simple logo that has a friendly look and style than is approachable. It was the target of the company to keep the similar qualities by joining the mathematical transparency of geometric methods

Google should be ready to support itself by solid arguments it questioned about the logo. There were many companies who could not be succeeded in the rebranding processes. And went back to their classic logos when responses were not positive regarding their new logos. These companies include, Coke, Gap and Hershey.

Critics have also shared their comments on the logo and a typography expert, Ina Saltz said that the logo is a disaster. She said that is is childish and she compared it with play dough.

According to Saltz, it was a very tight spacing between the alphabets “g” and ”l”. The angle of “e” and first “G” are dissonant. Saltz keeping in consideration the looks of the logo said that it would have been better for Google to just bring improvements in the logo that was prevailing earlier so that the issue in the small screens would have resolved rather than a complete change in typefaces.

The company started working in 1998 and since then it has happened 6th time that it has changed the logo. Most of the time, there were very slight changes. Major changes have been seen twice, Color of the “G” in 1998 was changed to blue that was green earlier and also there was an addition of the exclamation point was done at the end. That had been removed by the company in the next May.