Google To Get Help From Satellite

Google and many other websites are going to seem like they have had a complete overhaul thanks to a recently launched satellite. Images will look so much clearer on the applications that are map based and in real terms, Google earth users are in for a treat. DigitalGlobe Inc who are a company based in the United States have taken new photographs and mapping services online will purchase them. The satellite imagery company have reported that not only are the selling to sites such as Google, but the U.S government and NASA are also customers.

Some people have wondered how this is possible and why now and the answer is simple. The US government had set legal restrictions regarding the clarity and detail there could be in satellite photography that was being used for commercial purposes but as the expiry date is expected to June this year companies can take advantage of new freedom.

The advantages for companies such as DigitalGlobe is that there is no longer a high restriction on their photography as in the past they had to capture 50 square centimeters of ground per pixel but this has just been reduced to 25. According to a report this means that the images will now be four times clearer than they used to be.

The new satellite, Worldview 3 is going to be taken up into orbit via a rocket made by Lockheed Martin Corporation and there will be short wave infrared sensors that will be able to see through both smoke and clouds and therefore ensure that the images will some of the clearest that have been seen.

If today’s report is to be believed there is going to be such clarity that not only will it be possible to determine what type of tree is being pictured, but also the moisture content of the soil. Considering that it is expected that the satellite will be orbiting more than 380 miles above Earth, it still allows a pixel range of 31 centimeters and even smaller if it manages to get lower.

Although the pictures will be taken shortly it is going to be around 6 months before companies such as Microsoft and Google will be able to purchase them. It is important the launch goes well as the US military is also use the data that is collected as is NASA and the National Geo-spatial-Intelligence Agency.

As of today there is a life expectancy of around 7 years and added to the 5 other satellites they have up there, DigitalGlobe expect that they can expect a further 400 million in sales thanks to the higher resolution of the new images.