Google To Report Driverless Car Accidents Going Forward

Google started testing its driverless cars to beat the human drivers. There had been many incidents during the testing but they were not disclosed. This decision of not letting anyone to know about the incidents was made by the company to save the humans at fault. Now Google has made an announcement that the company has decided to report these incidents on a website which has been appreciated by others. Consumer Watchdog’s Privacy Project director John Simpson also said that Google has chosen the right path by creating its new site to report the incidents faced by it driverless – car program. He further said that the testing process of this driverless-car has been done on the roads which belong to public therefore public has the right to know about everything what happened when something goes wrong.

The site will give details about the accidents and the examples would be given about the cars which go along with a Google driver by law, they have the ability to get themselves adapt with the situations of the traffic in the daily routine and there will also be a forum for the people who can give their feedbacks anytime on the site.

Recent reports which Google has submitted to the department of Motor Vehicles, the testing process has been done for last six years in which these cars had driven around 1.8 million miles and Google fleet has been responsible for 13 accidents. All those accidents were found to be happened due to the mistakes of other drivers rather than any flaw in the driverless cars which were carefulto avoid such kind of incidents. Now Google has scheduled their testing process of the driverless cars on the streets of the city during this summer. These cars would be seen running in the city streets now and data will be collected during this period through the fleet of heavily modified Lexus SUVs.

In America, the most common types of accidents are “Rear End Crashes” and in that case driver who is sitting at the front cannot do anything to stop that incident. These Google driverless cars had been hit from the back and these hitting were happened at the traffic lights mostly. Even many times, these cars were hit by side. The findings of these tests showed that there are many drivers who have been driving and do not following the right lane. They often leave their lane in which they should keep driving.

Strange incidents have been seen and noted by the cars which had a test to show its ability to learn and know about the wrong doings by giving screenshots and in words. Many vehicles looked in emergency and never obeyed the traffic signals while there were cyclists who entered the lanes of cars at night and traveled against the traffic flow. Google cars were able to detect them but it was not easy for human drivers to see them.