Google Used Its Dominant Power Against Yelp And Tripadvisor

On March, 20th 2015, the United States of America Government has quit their investigation against the Google act of copying other search engine content and published on their own website. The company is the most used and trustworthy website, took advantage of its dominance and published the other search engine content on their own website.

On 2013, the Yelp, Amazon and other search engines complaint a case against the Google, that their own search content is illegally used by the company on their own website. This is a serious blow to the other search engine growth and reputation. It will effect on the website consumers and the uniqueness of the information. According to the report by The Wall Street Journal which was published on Thrusday, The Fefereal Trade Commission, issued a statement that the use of competitors content for own favor is against the copyright law of the online content. The Wall Street report was confidential, but it was leaked accidentally and create thrill on the internet in 2012.

The all search agencies like TripAdvisor, Amazon and Yelp have collected enough evidence against the Google copy content act in the form of nine million documents, and files to prove the Google illegal use of the other search engine content for their own favors.

Google being, the first and the dominant website on the internet, threat other engines, that if they don’t allow to publish and use their content on their own favors, there website would be removed from the internet. It is serious coerce to the Trip Advisor and Yelp to a pull back their case against the company.

Various Investigators, give suggestions, that Google should split their search engine job from the other businesses which rule over the internet world. Google is the huge search engine website and dominant website, and could easily end the other websites business.

The FTC then dealt with the other companies, which complaint against the Google that no such acts could negatively impact on the users or the rivals who claimed in their 160 page official report that their own reputation and market position will be at risk.

Kent Walker, the Google General Counsel said

“Speculation about potential consumer harm turned out to be entirely wrong. Since the investigation closed two years ago, the ways people access information online has only increased, giving consumers more choice than ever before.”

Instead, the Governer persuaded the Google to stop copying content on their own website, the FTC concluded that the company is not abusing the competitive position of the other search engines in the competitive market.

The report also claimed that it is the real harm to the innovation as well as the consumers who trust their website unique content. Although the investigation against the company was closed, but with the again release of the reports could stimulate the new complaints from Trip Advisor and other search engines could ignite the regulators who are still trying to sue Google for their own inquiry against the company.