Google’s New ARC Designed For The Windows And OS Phones

The world largest search company Google, which is already leading in the market with the enhanced features of web search, finance, map and others is now back again with another attractive feature for the Windows, OS, Linux and other users. Now the Android Apps will work in OS and Windows phone. The app, called as ARC (App Runtime for Chrome) is specially developed to run the apps on the Window operating systems with a browser of the Chrome. The ARC will allow the users to run smoothly and fast as an OS Chrome. Previously the limited group of the developers could accessed but after the collaboration of other launchers, now it allow on all phones.

The ARC software is fast and easy for the developers, to interact with the different machine code and use the Android Apps in the Windows Operating system phones. The software was designed for the Android users in 2014 to run the operating system of the Google Chrome. Recently, the OS has been operating on the Windows or MacBooks with some of the Google partners.

Through this now the Android Apps, are easily converted into a compatible version with the other OS and that could be used with the Google Chrome on all kinds of systems. The softwares also supporting the Google Play which is used in the Android phones for the downloading or installation of the games, Apps, files or others from the internet. Every handset has its own download store. When the user convert the app into the window or as an OS supportive system through the ARC Welder, it doesn’t charged neither any payment could be made on using the maps, play store or other features.

Various rumors and criticized comments are noted from the developers. As some are happy with the collaboration of the Android Apps in the Windows or OS systems, while some are not sure about the success of this collaboration technique.

According to the Sam Furr, who is co-founder and the developer of The App Developers:

“The best way to make apps by far is to make them natively using the tools that they give us,”

He further added that we are moving from the well-known and fast development systems into the least bit odd systems. Such conversions could affect the behaviors of the mobile system which are specially designed for their own specific version of the Operating system. The main factor which could be affected from this conversion, could be the touching pad or touch sensor which works in place of the keyboard in such systems. As a result, we could not reach up to the level of expectations of our users. We doubt, if such conversion could work as fast in other operating systems as well and couldn’t effect on the natively of the developed operating systems.

It is a serious risk in the failure of the desktop computers or devices which have their own developed softwares. Running of these android app on such deskhtop could lose the essential functions of the operating system like GPS and accelerometers, which is now designed on the standardized basis on the smart phones.