Google’s Next Big Tablet On The Way

It has been a little over two years since the last Nexus 10 was out in 2012, marking the last time Google showcased a large sized tablet to its tablet category, so news that a new large sized tablet in the pipework should come as a surprise to no one.For several months now the web surged with rumors and hints that Google was working alongside Mobile Giant HTC on a new and improved super Nexus tablet. This would mark the refresh of the Nexus tablet after the last Nexus debut, the Nexus 10 back in 2012. However, further rumors surged on the 30th of August, spread by AndroidPolice that Google was indeed planning to sell a keyboard capable case developed by HTC for an upcoming tablet release.

This morning more sources confirmed that the keyboard enabled tablet case that HTC had developed and that Google planned to sell was for a new Nexus being manufactured. Designs of the case leaked out showcasing what might be new features for Google’s largest Nexus tablet release to date. The case designs themselves don’t reveal a lot about the next tablet, but if sources are accurate, it is believed the tablet will be a 9inch screen one.This shines light on where Google’s main focus is with regards to tablets: larger-sized displays.

Neither Google nor HTC have yet publicly released nor made any announcements as to the possible future of the Nexus tablet, but further rumors have been swirling with regards to the actual tablet design. Word is HTC’s 2013 ‘HTC One’ hit with an all metallic design may resurface and be implemented with the rumored Nexus tablet update, where the tablet will too be an all metal design. The premium aluminum finish of the HTC One made it 2003’s most stylish smartphone ever, the brushed metal uni-bodied case made it a pleasure to hold, and so people are excited to see the same design elements implemented in a future Nexus tablet layout.

As far as rumors go, those of a new possible Google Nexus tablet are slim, but mounting evidence pointing to the validity of said rumors has made light. Only yesterday German developers FK and CK revealed the possible name for a future Nexus tablet as Nexus 8 within the Chromium Code Review. Additional speculation is that the next HTC Nexus tablet name was penned by Google and happens to be Volantis or T1, possible alternatives are T7 and T12. Most of the rumors were initiated from fairly reliable sources, but no word has gone out as of yet regarding the release date. Further speculation leads to a possible fourth quarter release date to meet the Christmas rush, so possibly as early as October.

As for the actual design rumors, reliable sources have simply confirmed that the tablet may be higher in performance and as a result, cost a bit more. Other claims are aesthetic based with a most notable all metal finish. Now whether Google is planning on competing with a 9inch tablet on the market of higher specs is a jab towards the iPad, or simply another venture is up for debate. One thing for certain though is the anticipation to see what kind of tablet (if any) Google and HTC have been secretly developing.