Hackers Attacked The Password Storing Company

Hackers have affected many companies in the past but this time “LastPass” a company which stores passwords of the people, has become a new victim of the hackers. LastPass saves the passwords by allowing the people to save their passwords online and then there is a master password which is the key to access all of those passwords.

It is not easy to remember so many passwords and on the other hand, it would not be wise as well to have same passwords for more than one kinds of accounts. Therefore people have the last option to trust the password saving company which guarantees them the security of their passwords. This saving of passwords through the company seems like putting all of your eggs in one basket. This phrase has proven right in this case as there was the only way to access the passwords through that master password. Hackers broke into the computers of the password saving company which allowed them an access to the usernames and passwords and encrypted versions of master passwords of all the people. So relying on only one source to save the passwords was not impressive.

Last Pass claims that still the hackers have not been able to get the plain versions of all the all the powerful master passwords. The passwords which have been hacked are the encoded versions but it will not be much difficult for the hackers if the master passwords are simple like ABCDE, 12345 or Password123 etc.

Another insecurity about the passwords is that the hackers have got access to the reminders of the passwords too. Now if your reminder is set like “what is your Date of Birth?” or “What is your Birth Place?”, it will create more chances of the loss of your privacy as the data related to these questions can be easily found through your social media accounts or public records.

Obviously the hackers would get access to some important informations like bank accounts, hospital records, social media etc which could cause a severe damage to the users. Therefore, LastPass have suggested the users that they should immediately change their master passwords so that they can save themselves from the damages.

Experts from Cybersecurity have spoken against the incident and asked the company to give a solution to the incident and problems of keeping track of multiple passwords. J on Oberheide, an executive at cybersecurity firm Duo Security gave the suggestion to use the Password Manager so that the problems like that related to passwords can be dealt with. He called the password manager a best way to deal with them.

People who have put extra security on their database might be saved from the loss but those with the simple and easy passwords or very less security may not get back their databases. Rest of the responsibility stays with the company that it should do something better to provide more security to the passwords of the user who trust them.