Hacking Threats Warning By FBI: After The Sony Attack!

As the Sony Pictures vast hack attack that was done last week by the hackers is still in discussions, a warning has come from the FBI in which they have warned the businesses about a new hacking threat that is anticipated to hit the businesses in future – FBI official

The FIA has concerns over this new hacking threat and they have warned all the businesses to take security measures to resist against such kind of attacks that we have seen last week on the Sony Pictures and that is still very much in discussions.

Last week, the Sony’s computer systems were infected by a malicious software that have arisen the concerns over the security measures for all other businesses and they must need to consider this threat and take necessary steps against it.

According to a law enforcement official, “the threat is considered to be the same in nature that we have seen the last week over the Sony Pictures hack that was done by malicious software and the threat is considered to be the same like that malicious software.”

After the Sony Pictures hack, the Brad Pitt’s movie “Furry” and the remake of the musical “Annie” on the Hollywood studio have become accessible on many websites those are not authorized to host it – the illicit websites.

There were at least five Sony films those were not released yet, but they made their way online after the attack last week and the hackers done it with the help of malicious software and the same kind of malicious software is anticipated to hit the businesses by the hackers – FBI officials.

According to the reports, the Sony Pictures is exploring the prospect of a North Korean link with the hacking in order to find the hackers. The reason for the investigation is because they are concerned over their upcoming releases that is “The Interview” that is a comedy starring Seth Rogen and the James Franco.

The plan of this upcoming release involves the attempted murder of the Kim Jong-Un, who is a North Korean leader.

What should be in the mind of the hacker?

All the businesses were warned about the threat and they were told about what hackers can do once they succeed to gain access to the business’s computer.

Monday night – The FBI said that the private industry was advised and warned regularly about the numerous cyber threats those were found during the FBI investigations. That means that the companies were getting regular alerts and advices by the FBI that there is a possibility of a cyber attack. And ultimately, it was Sony Pictures, who becomes the victim of the cyber threat.

The FBI said, the data and the information was provided in an attempt to assist the system administrators to guard against the attacks of the cyber criminals so that they can make their security stronger an unbreakable in order to resist against such kind of cyber attacks those were anticipated to hit them.