Haha And Emojis Are Becoming More Popular Than LOL

LOL is a very common word among the people interacting through social media or text messages. LOL stands for “Laugh Out Load” and is used by the people regularly since the beginning of the internet media. But Facebook has done a research recently by considering few slang words which are used by the people to show response to a funny thing.

According to this research made by Facebook, the use of word “LOL” has been reduced when compared to the earlier time because the replacement of “LOL” with other words has been found out. Now, users are found to be writing mostly “haha” or “hehe” instead of “LOL” or “ laughing emojis” and these are more frequently used by the than “LOL”.

Almost 1.49 Billion people are in the world who use social media every month and Facebook decided in the month of May to find out what is the most frequently way to laugh which is used by the persons during the interaction with their friends. To find out such laughing patterns, number of posts along with the comments of different people were seen which they do on the social media on regular basis. In this research the private chats of people which are done through messenger, were not added.

Analysis of the research showed that there were around 15 percent users who were found writing any kind of laughing stuff and among all the different kinds, the one which was being used most of them was “haha”. This was typed by 51 percent persons.

Among the list, on the second number, was an emoji with smiling face which was used by 33.7 percent of the audience.

With an average of 13.1 percent “hehe” comes at third while users who typed “LOL” were only about 1.9 percent.

Research was not confined to these numbers but also more facts were found in it. Facebook has discovered that there are more women than the men who use emoji. LOL is used more by the people present in the states in the southern part of the United States while emoji have more its more fans in the Midwestern states. The use of “haha” and “hehe” is mostly seen in the Western part.

An interesting fact about the word LOL is that when it was started to use by the people in the social media interaction. It was used when one person has written something that really makes another laugh and that person showed the other that he was really “Laughing Out Loud”. But the things have changed now, this word is only used when people only have a very little smile or even there is nothing to laugh for them.

LOL word is also taken mistakenly by some elder users for example parents had in their minds that LOL stands for “Lots of Love”. This was another cause of the low usage of this word as elder persons are more frequently found to be using it.