Harry Potter Series Is Facebook’s Top 1 Book In “Top 10 Books That Stayed With You” Meme

If you’re active on Facebook and constantly checking your feed every half hour, chances are you might have probably seen a post or two from your friends about the “10 books that have stayed with you”. If your friends know how big of a reader you are, you might have been tagged to do the same. It’s where a reader is supposed to list down the top 10 books that they read and have stayed with you after all these years.

Bookworms have taken this meme seriously with some even saying that 10 books are not enough. The discussion was just supposed to be books that stayed with you in some way, adding that there’s no need to think too hard or list “great works of literature.”

The lists were a variety of different works of literature, depending on what type of reader the person creating the list is. Many were fans of classic novels, some are obviously obsessed with YA literature, and others are more of a “serious” reader.

Facebook has recently combined the numbers of more than 130,000 statuses in the last two weeks of August that are in relation with the discussion. It was also revealed that this challenge or discussion has been around since last year but it’s only recently that it’s reached more people – perhaps people are taking a break from the ice bucket challenge and want a more scholastic challenge instead?

What is the book that stayed with most readers who participated in the challenge?

It turns out that the Harry Potter series leads the list with 21%, with To Kill a Mockingbird as second with 14%. This would probably make critics come out and start predicting about the future of literature that’s being led by YA reads, suggesting that adults should stop being influenced by books that they have read as children or read books that are meant for children.

The Harry Potter series was the mark that steered an entire generation into a world that takes reading as a fun activity. Anyone who refused to believe that Harry Potter will dominate this kind of list has not been aware of the reading world for 20 years or so.

Favorite books that are read at an early age are more likely to get stuck with us for a longer time. As a proof, several children’s books also make it in the top 20 list. For most people, what made them love reading in the first place was a children’s book and today’s generation that book could very well be Harry Potter.

It may not be as good as acclaimed masterpieces but if Harry Potter is the book that made you stayed up all night trying to finish the book in one go, it’s most definitely among your top 10 most influential reads.

Every bookworm has his own favorite and as the list suggests, which showed low percentages, readers are influenced by a large variety of books – from children’s books to YA section to school reading lists to classics and to far beyond.