Hewlett-Packard’s Enterprise Group Seeing More Shake-Ups

Hewlett-Packard (better known as HP) is one of the oldest computer manufacturers in the business. The company has tried their hand at smartphones and tablets in recent history, but neither one of those product categories proved to be successful for the tech mega-giant. Although HP hasn’t had much exciting news for their consumers recently, a lot has been going on with the company’s enterprise group. Changes to the company’s group have been being made quite frequently recently, and another has just taken place.

This time around, Jim Ganthier is the subject of the most recent shake-up. Mr. Ganthier was a Vice President and marketing executive in Hewlett-Packard’s server division. That was up until now, as Jim Ganthier has moved and replaced with an executive that previously was employed at Dell. HP’s former COO was Bill Veghte, and reports claim that Mr. Veghte is responsible for this latest shift in HP’s enterprise group. So, who is going to be the one to fill Jim Ganthier’s shoes? That title is now going to be held by Peter Evans. For the past two years, Evans was the chief marketing executive over at Dell, but will now be spending his time with the Hewlett-Packard gang. As the new VP and marketing executive of HP’s server division, Mr. Evans will take hold of the division’s entire portfolio for operations and marketing, a total value that is estimated to be an upwards of $12 billion in revenue.

Why the change though? Why has Hewlett-Packard decided that now is the time to replace Ganthier with Evans? According to current reports, the transition is following in the wake of Dave Donatelli’s reassignment. For those not familiar, Donatelli was the predecessor of Veghte. While this does make sense, Ganthier had been present at the company for quite some time. Joining all the way back in 1992, Jim Ganthier had been a Vice President at Hewlett-Packard since 2003, and a senior executive of the server division since that of 2009. According to those that worked with him, Ganthier is a “hard-nosed marketing guy” and a “deeply respected operator.” He isn’t leaving the company for good, but is rather being reassigned to a different position. That position will be part of a global project to help HP server users and customers make the change over to newer platforms that are still using Windows 2003.

Although this isn’t the most exciting news to ever come out of HP, it is still refreshing to see that the company is making a move to help old customers migrate away from older platforms and get on the bandwagon with newer products. If Hewlett-Packard keeps on like they have been, we can almost expect to hear more news about other change ups as the year progresses. While they’re still certainly relevant to the computer market, HP isn’t nearly as close with their consumer base as they used to be. And as this story suggests, HP is currently putting more of a focus on their enterprise business than that of their consumer one.