How Could A Microsoft’s New Edge Will Be A Secure Browser?

The largest software manufacture company, Microsoft is on a verge to give the users more secure and safe web browser, Edge Web with their latest technological techniques.

The Edge is specially designed for the Window10. It is an innovative attempt to move the Internet Explorer legacy and offer the users much faster, flexible and simple way to browse the website through this channel. The new Edge provides the users with a much customized web page with the thumbnails and the links of the frequently checked websites. The browser, also could give the access to the web based apps which are compatible with the Firefox and the Google Chrome in a few adjustments.

The internet is the most dangerous way to get the malicious mails, hackers, website, threats and other warnings which could misuse the user information which they have provided by the company or have shared on the websites.

As we know that the slowest and the oldest web browser, the Internet Explorer is being always dinged for the security holes, as it is the most vulnerable web browser for the hackers, who could damage the personal information of the users. The Microsoft is now emphasizing on the security factors with its news invented Edge Web Broswer as they have shared their plans on their blogs by the Microsoft Edge Team.

The new innovative Web browser, doesn’t mean that it will replace the Internet Explorer, which is used in the Windows 10, a next innovative version of the Microsoft in the operating system world. It is to be believed that it would be started in the middle of the year 2015. Beside, this the new version of the Internet Explorer 11, will soon launched in the market which would be compatible with this software. But according to the latest plan of the Microsoft, this Edge will be the default browser in Window 10, all versions which are launched in the country.

Generally, the websites have the cyber crime in common, which always try to steal the password of the user account in the fake website. Such website, becomes the password protected websites for the user, but have the hidden malicious which steal the credentials of the users, as they entered into the website and give their login details with the password command.

To cope with the malicious thefts, the Microsoft is planning to give the secure browser Edge, which will control this phishing by removing the option of the password entry and introduced the new technology of the Password, which have the single service, which authenticate the users who acquire the account on the website.

The Edge will work on a new engine which is called as the Microsoft EdgeHTML. With this new and advanced engine, which contains the Web Developers and the Web Standards, could be best for the security against the cyber attacks on the website and also add the feature of the Microsoft Smart Screen,which could check the reputation of the website as well as the softwares which used by the users in the IE 8.