How Does Social Media Affect Employment Process

A study made this year in the US by Harris Interactiv for CareerBuilder shows that 43% of American employers which search information about their candidates with Social Media, find certain things that make them dismiss some candidates.

According to this study, conducted on 2100 managers and human resources professionals, almost two out of five companies are using Social Media networks to research about candidates.

And if you wonder what kind of information led the 43% of American employers give up on some candidates, the survey responds: inappropriate content. More specifically, the arguments range from evidence of inappropriate behavior or just information that simply contradicted the CV.

On the other hand, some employers have admitted that they have encountered in Social Media information which led to an increase in interest for certain candidates, reaching even to submit a formal proposal from the company.

One in five managers said they have identified information that led to the hiring decision.

Rosemary Haefner, vice president of CareerBuilder said “ employers use all available tools to ensure they take the best hiring decision and more and more start using Social Media networks.

The candidates must be aware of the type of information they leave for their employers and they have to manage well their virtual image.

At the same time, managers and HR departments need to think well at the way they use the information obtained through Social Media and if they are indeed relevant to the professional profile of the candidate