How Google Is Working For The Disables

At the age of ten years Laura Palmaro found that she was losing her vision which made her rubbed her eyes. Her central vision was lost due to the hemorrhage in the left eye. This kind of case is found very rarely and is known as “Choroidal Osteoma”.

Laura had to face the same situation after four years with her right eye. With only peripheral vision left, she became blind immediately and after that she had the problem in reading a blackboard.

Laura who is now 27 years old says that it was not an easy thing to sacrifice all the which she loved and she was unable to do anything at that stage. But Laura did not get disappointed and she was hopeful to see that screen readers were available which performed the function of reading the text in loud voice. So she started reading her books through the software by scanning its pages.

Now, Laura is the Program Manager with Google, where she has been engaged in creating ways to help the disable people through Google Chrome. Magnification features are the examples of such work and making of a web page for the color blind people, customizing that for them.

If we look at many other companies related to technology, they will be found involved in making some improvements in the software and hardware features so that they may be made simple to use for the people with disabilities.

If the employees themselves have disabilities, then it would ensure that tools are built keeping accessibility in mind.

The employees who are fine with their vision will not be able to understand the necessary requirements in making traffic maps for the persons who are color blind.

A user experience researcher at Google, Astrid Weber is involved in making collaborations with a number of engineers to make designs keeping considerations the accessibility when products are being built. The employees got encouragement by her regarding the designs that should be made with sympathy or any assumption would be given for example that the devices of Android can be touched or the sound from such devices may be heard by every individual.

According to the stats given by World Health Organization, there are around 1 billion in the world who are disables which shows that currently, the problems like failure in eyesight and hearing have been increasing at a greater rate therefore if it is seen as an investment, then the accessibility designing is really significant.

The engineers at Google are working to make improvements in the accessibility for the disable users of web and mobile and also workshops are being planned. Recently company has been a part of the summit to create awareness of the accessibility for organizations like Autism Speaks and the National Federation of the Blind.