How The Social Media Is Affecting The Employment Process

The Harris Interactive conducted a research for the CareerBuilder in the US this year and it showed that the 43% of the employers while searching for the information about their employees over Social media found certain things that make them fire some of their candidates. That means that the Social media is affecting the employment process as well.

This study was conducted on a set of 2100 different managers and the other human resources professionals and conclusions were that there was almost two out of the five companies those are using the Social Media networks to get useful information about their candidates.

And if you are wondering about what kind of information that was that forced the employers to take such a strict action, then, according to the survey; it was the “inappropriate content”. To be clearer, there were some evidences of the unsuitable behavior some information that made their character bad. That kind of information it was that the companies found that made them dismiss a few employees.

In contrast to the dismissal of a huge number of the employees due to the Social media, some employers also admitted that they have involved the Social Media tool that led to boost the interest in the certain candidates getting still to put forward a formal proposal from the organization.

And luckily for many employees, one of the five managers said that they found the information that becomes the reason for hiring the employees as well. So, that means that the Social Media is affecting the Employment process in both ways and the Employees are finding it both in their favor and against as well.

But, one thing is for sure, and that is, that the employers are now starting to use this great tool, known as the “Social Media” in order to get useful information about their clients based on what they are able to hire or dismiss their employees for the betterment of the company.

The vice president of the CareerBuilder (Rosemary Haefner) said that “the employers are starting to use all the available tools to make sure they take the best decision for the new hiring and the Social Media networks are one of those important tools are being those used by the manager”.

That means that now, all the candidates must need to be aware about the type of information they are leaving on the social networks and the behavior the present on the Social Media networks and they must need to make sure that they would need to manage their virtual image in the positive way.

All the managers and the other HR departments must need to think in the best approach about the way they should use to obtain through the Social Media networks and if they are in fact pertinent to the professional profile of the candidate on the Social Media networks.

Obviously, the Social Media networks are affecting the employment process and the managers and the HR departments are using it as a tool for the hiring decisions.