How to Choose the Most Appropriate Website Hosting Service for Your Business

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There are many cornerstones which serve to define a successful online business. Bespoke marketing campaigns, a well-formatted website and the ability to appreciate the needs of your customers are three relevant examples. Still, we should never forget that website hosting is an equally important metric.

How can you select a hosting service that is capable of addressing the needs of your venture? You might be surprised to learn that there are several factors to consider. Let us simplify things a bit by summarising the basics.

The Emerging Popularity of VPS Hosting

Shared hosting services were relatively commonplace in the past. They offered a cost-effective and convenient means to gain exposure to the online community. However, websites would often be affected by issues such as downtime and pages that failed to load properly. This was due to the inherent limitations of shared hosting platforms.

Firms such as IONOS VPS hosting have now largely done away with the majority of these issues. Increased bandwidth, 99.9 per cent uptime and dedicated client support are some of the many factors which have caused businesses to migrate away from traditional (and even generic) shared alternatives.

Is Shared Hosting Still a Viable Option?

It should be made clear that this article is not intended to downplay shared hosting. There are still times when these services are useful; especially when referring to smaller online businesses that are not as concerned with large-scale exposure (such as startup firms dealing with a decidedly limited target audience).

There are also situations when a simple website could benefit from a shared hosting service. This approach can sometimes represent a more practical solution when compared to transitioning to an entirely new provider. The main takeaway point here is that VPS hosting and shared hosting are both necessary resources. Still, business owners who are keen to expand their ongoing operations will often benefit from a virtual private server.

Is it Possible to Change Hosting Services?

This is a slightly loaded question. Although you can always choose to change a web host, it might come at a slight cost in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO) and online exposure. For instance, you may be asked to modify the domain name of your site. In this case, a significant amount of inbound hits could be sacrificed as a result. On the contrary, there are also times when a VPS is the best option in terms of page loading times, security protocols and cloud storage. It is critical to weigh the pros and cons to appreciate the “big picture”.

The Wave of the Future

Any type of hosting service should be able to accommodate the latest e-commerce trends (such as mobile shopping, fast page loading times and secure payment gateways). This is why it is crucial to determine exactly what type of host you require well in advance.

Thankfully, there are many online resources that will provide you with numerous options at cost-effective prices. In terms of success in the digital domain, hosting goes a long way.