How To Deal With Your Older Tablet Or Smartphone

You have seen some new mobile or the tablet and you have gone into the market and grabbed that one in order to taste the new flavor of that new device. Now, the new device will definitely feels like rocking in your hands, but the one big question that you have to answer or face, is that what to do with your old mobile or tablet?

Luckily, you have a number of useful options that you can do in order to deal with your old device. Now, let me take a good look at the few options and you can follow it to deal with your’s.

  1. Give it to your family member/other companions

One option that you can do is that after purchasing your new device, you can give it to your family member or some other companions of the life. It is far better to present it to someone else rather than keeping it safe in your locker for years. So, you can gift it to the one in your family or the other loved ones.

  1. Sell it somewhere

You got a new device and you have the older one as a useless item and you also not interested in giving it to someone around you because you think that it may not be in a presentable condition, and then there are a few places where you can go and sell it to take some money. You can also sell it online on different selling/purchasing sites like the OLX etc.

If you have decided to sell it somewhere, then you will get the price of your device according to its condition and the current market value. So, don’t expect that you are going to get the amount near to what you have spent at the time of purchasing it. Even you may as well get the offers like half of the original price or even less than that if its condition is not good or it is as old as an out dated device.

As the new version of a device arrives, then it means that with its arrival, the price or the value of the old version will definitely be decreased and hence, it will be offered at the lower prices especially in case of the used items or devices. So, do keep in mind such factors while going somewhere to sell your device.

If you are selling your old device, then do remember that you must need to perform a data wipe fully and restoring the device to the default settings will be just perfect. This is so important to make sure that your personal data or personal information is not going into the unsafe hands at all. So, do peform it before handling over it to the other person.

Another Option: Keep using your device!

Well, you can use your old device and use it along with your new device and by using it as a multimedia gadget; you can save your new device’s battery life and also the condition because your older device is now performing the particular multimedia operations.