How To Download Poptropica APP On Your Mobile

The Poptropica is a best online game for kids of age from 6 years to the 15 years. The game was introduced by the global educational company in July 2007. The founder Jeff Kinney Group has specially designed game to give adventurous experience to its users. The game is owned by the Pearson.

Way To Play

The game is based on the different adventurous islands at the different stages. The player has to go on different islands. The island has quests which need to solve in time to reach the next level. The game is multiplayer which helps you to communicate and compete your opponents on the same level. The islands have various tough phases as hurdles or problems which need to be solved properly. The player who successfully cleared all the levels will earn non-negotiable credit points which could be used in the purchase of costumers, accessories or other exciting game items and characters from the store.

Game Users

It is among the most played and download app online. Since 2012, the company gets more than 500 million users who are registered on this game website, while more than 35 million users are at 6-15 years of age.

Steps to Get App

You can now download this game on your mobile device by simple steps.

  • Click on the link
  • As the game starts, you will find the different options available on the game screen. Click on the Apps icon to start the process.
  • There are different downloading options available for the different versions of the mobile. Click on your mobile such as window phones, android, iOS and Apple from the icons shown on the page.
  • As the window appears click on the “install” button to start the downloading process of the APP on your mobile phone.

The mobile users could easily access this app from their mobile store as as Google Store, Apple Store or Mac Store. The version is free of cost. You can also check the user reviews, comments and ratings of the game on the store. The user could also share their comments on the game store by login to their mobile account.