How To Fill TOM’s Shoes Customer Survey

They are the profit-based company which is founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie in California. The retailer store has high quality eyewear, shoes and accessories for both men and women.

The company is the high profit earner which design and sell best quality eyewear and shoes in Argentina. The company believes in the words-of-mouth and target social responsibility in selling strategy of its retail products.

Important Instructions For Filling the Customer Survey

Before filling the customer survey of the company, the customer should have experience with the company accessories and clothing.

How to Fill the Customer Survey Form

  • Click on the link
  • Choose how many pairs of shoes you have purchased from its retail stores. The numbers are mentioned in the choices.
  • Select your favorite brand of shoes from the list or you can write the name of your favorite brand of shoes if it is not mentioned in the list as given.
  • Mark the types of shoes you want for your wear. E-g Casual, Tennis, Basketball, Dress etc, but if your favorite types of shoes names are not mentioned then you could write your favorite shoes on the given box of OTHERS.
  • Choose the options of how important is the feature of shoes for you. Select the importance level according to your experience of using the shoes.
  • Fill the survey form according to the questions as asked to complete the survey form according to your shopping experience with their products like shoes and eyewear.

The company manufactured shoes have one to one concept business model which means whenever the company introduced some new products like eye wear, clothings or accessories the first batch is given to the needy or for the charitable purposes. According to the latest research when this retailer sells a beautiful pair of shoes, then shoes were given to the children who are impoverished while on selling the pair of eye wears, the profit which earned in selling of these special eye wears were used for the benefits of the eyesight of the needy people in the developing countries.