How To Get Direction Through Google Map Online

Google Map is a web mapping for your desktop and mobile which help you to get your destination direction with other related information on the map. It also helps its users calculate the distance as well as the best route to travel towards the destination with time it will take to cover the distance.

Mobile App

This app is not available on mobiles. The user just needs to download the application from their mobile store with a compatible version. The app is free and easy to use for the mobile users.


With its immense demands of the user, now this online map is used in the schools and colleges to teach the teachers and students in a geographical manner. it gives a better understanding to visualize how human and systems interact to create decisions according to their knowledge.

Steps to Explore

  • Click on the link
  • As the website opens now move your pointer or cursor in the search box and click on the “Direction” option.
  • As the search bar appears with more details like Driving, walking and Transit. Enter your starting and the ending point. It means you have to enter your current address and the destination address in the search bar to get the route as well as traffic details on your way. It will also help you to give distance and time limit to cover your distance in traffic or without traffic.
  • Now click on the “Get Direction” button. The best route to your destination will be highlighted in blue on the map. It will also show your current location on the map with the red pointer.
  • Under the destination search bar, you could have Route Option which will help you to check what could be avoids or how much distance you need to travel to reach at your destination. You can scrutinize your search by ticking checkboxes of your choice.
  • To check the details of your traveling towards the destination, you can click on the details, mentioned under driving detail.
  • You can also check other additional information about your destination as walking time, transit, cycling time and other by clicking on them available with the Direction icon above the search bar. If any of them are highlighted it means you can adopt those ways to reach at your destination by the time calculated by the Google map.

If you click on the pointer on your destination on the map, it will zoom the window and you could view your location, streets or directions more clearly