How To Get The Largest Newspaper “NYTimes” APP On Your Mobile

The New York Times is the American most leading newspaper online. It was founded in 1851 by Henry and George. The newspaper won 114 awards on its excellent publications since the year of its work.

Due to its best and reliable news, this paper is now among the top 3 best newspapers of the United States.

Online News

The newspaper has an official website which is fast and easy to access to all the news. The online paper contains media as well as image news on the website. The breaking news, the weather report, business report, Technology, Style, Food, entertainment and sports all categories are excellently covered with the latest news around the world.


The newspaper has also introduced their news magazine with the same name. The magazine has a beautiful publication of all the cultures, travelling stories, legendary stories, the success stories of the leading personalities, the games, fashion and new trends, the gossips and the recreational news which is as much informative and interesting for all ages of readers.

Mobile App

Now you can enjoy this leading newspaper on your mobile phone as a mobile app. Here are some easy steps to access this fast download application online.

Steps to Download

  • Click on the link
  • As the window appears, now scroll down to find all the categories available in the newspaper official website.
  • Under the Subscribe option, you could see the Mobile application options available.
  • Click on the Mobile Application option, to start the downloading process.
  • As the application page appears, now choose your mobile device from the list, which is compatible with this newspaper application.
  • By clicking on the mobile store on your mobile, it will open your mobile store with the link for download.
  • Click on the Install button available in the download app on your mobile.

You can directly access this app on your mobile store by just entering the name of the store search bar. The user comments, reviews and download status is also available which helps you to check the ratings of this application. You could post your comments as well by a sign in with your mobile account.