How To Register For The Capital One Reward Account Online

Capital One is the American bank holding company. The company was founded in 1994 by Richard and Morris.

With its 963 branches and 2000 ATM’s, the company is now among the Fortune 5000 companies and become the United States fourth largest customer of Postal Services.

Services for Members

For several years, the company has been providing its registered customers, the best services like credit cards, auto loans, banking and other saving account services in the United States.

Customer Services

If you are not sure about your account application or need further assistance about your online banking account or reward information on the company website then contact with the customer service at their contact number 1-800-228-3001.

Important Instructions

The computer with an internet needed to access the registration form online on the company website. The members should have an account with the company, so that the members could avail the reward services of the bank offered to its registered members.

Steps to Enroll

  • Click on the link
  • Under the Account sign in tab, click on the Enroll now.
  • Now select the Account Types from the list given. As you need to register for the reward account online so under the Banking tab, click on the banking reward enroll to open the form for the registration.
  • As the window appears, now enter the personal information in the require fields. Enter your capital one account number in the given field. The bank account number would be given at the end of the check.
  • Choose your appropriate date of birth from the drop down menu.
  • Now enter your social security number in the given box. This number would be the 4- digit number.
  • Enter zip code of your physical address in the require field.
  • Click submit to move towards the next window of the reward registration form
  • Follow the instruction as required to finish the registration process.

The user will get the The members account on the website will not be active up to next 24 hours, if you already applied for this card. In application of credit card, you should fill the separate form of that account.