How To Register For The Tumblr Account Online

Tumblr is the best social site as well as best blogging sites on the internet. This website was founded in 1997 by David Karp, but it is owned by the Yahoo Inc. the website background change at every visit to the website.

Interesting Features

This multiblogging used to post multimedia posts and images. The user could share their posts with their followers by their privacy settings. You can also keep your account posts private from the others. The user has easy access to all accounts which they follow on the website. They can comment, re-post, tag and like the other posts which are visible to their account dashboard. Beside this, you can schedule your posts, which could spread over the website up to weeks or days depends on the user choice. The best feature is the changing themes of the blog which is all users’ choice. Every user could design its account theme accordingly.

Steps to Sign Up

  • Click on the link
  • As the window appears, now enter your valid email address in the require field. This email address should be valid and active as officials will send you notifications about the new features and other features at your email address. Moreover, you can recover your password of this social account to this email address.
  • Enter your password in the require field. The password is case sensitive, so it should be easy to remember by the user.
  • Now enter your favorite username in the given box,. The officials will send you suggested usernames when you start entering your name in the field. The username could be changed later.
  • Click on the Sign Up button available under the form.
  • As the slide change and it now requires other personal information of the user like age, so, enter your age in the given box.
  • They will ask you about the agreement and conditions applied on this social site. If you agree with their terms and conditions, then tick the checkbox.
  • Click on the Next button to move towards the next slide.
  • Tick on the box which ask “I’m not a robot”. This will start your account on the official website.

The user will get the confirmation email to their registered account which they have entered in the form above. Now click on the link to confirm your registration with this site.