How To Sign Up For L.L.Bean Account Online

L.L Bean is the best American retail company which was founded in 1912. The company handled customer online mail-order and give high quality products at their doorstep. The company deals in high quality products like clothing, gifts, Footwear, Outdoor gear and other accessories for men, women and kids.

Best Shopping and Shipping Website

The customers purchase their orders online on the company website and then book their orders through their registered account on the website. The orders are processed after the payments which are made online by special payment cards or at the billing address of the registered customers online. The customer receives an order code which they could use to track their order shipment online through their accounts.

Steps to Register for Customer Account

  • Click on the link
  • For registering a new account on the company website, you have to create an account. Click on the “create an account”. This option will be located at the right corner of the website.
  • By clicking on the create account option, a window will appear with the registration form. Enter your First Name in the given box. The name should be valid as this will become your account name.
  • Enter your valid, current email address in the require field, where you need to get your shipping mail information and other exciting promotional and seasonal deals notifications. This will also become your login Id on the official website.
  • Now enter your email address again in the Re-enter email address box, which you have entered in the step 4.
  • Enter your account password. The account password should be simple and easy to remember. The password characters must be between 6-16.
  • Enter your account password again in the give box of the Re-enter password.
  • Select the Security question from the drop down menu. This will be used for the verification of your account in case of password recovery or other mishandling of the account.
  • Enter the Security answer of your Security question which you have selected in the Step 8 in the require field. The answer should be entered in 2 to 50 characters.
  • Tick the check box if you want to receive the company gifts, products and other special offers updates in your email address.
  • After completing the registration form, now click on the “Create My Account” button.
  • You will get the new account confirmation notification in the next window. Now either complete your profile or start using this customer account on the best retail store online website.

You can also add your credit card information as well as Billing address in your account.