How To Use Urban Dictionary Online

The Urban Dictionary is the online dictionary which gives all kinds of words and meanings of its readers. The dictionary has more than trillion phrases and slangs with the words which the user search on the search bar. The dictionary founded in 1999 by Aaron Pechakam.


In the Novemeber 2014, this online dictionary got seven million definitions with 20000 new additions of words and definitions in the dictionary. The user could add its words with meaning and the related information in the dictionary. You can also check the Word Of the Day by clicking on the Newest Tab with same words written on it. This is the best feature introduced by them, as you can now scrutinize and improves your search by clicking on it, It also gives the New Words added to the list to increase the knowledge of its users.

Mobile APP

With its immense usage and the editing popularity among the Gmail, Facebook and other social site users, which are linked with this dictionary, now the service is available in the mobiles. The user could get the mobile app on their compatible version of mobile phones such as Windows, iOS, Androids and Apple. The version is available online on any website. Also, they could enjoy this interesting and gigantic world of words from their mobile stores.

To find the dictionary online, you need to follow the following steps.

Steps to Find

  • Click on the link
  • As the window appears, now go to the search bar mentioned at the right corner of the window to find your desired word and its meaning or phrases. As your result uploaded, you could see the definite meaning of your search words with the related words, special phrases where such word is used and the similar sound word mentioned in the list. You could select your meaning from the list to find the more related answer of your search word.

You can browse the list of every word from the list. There are alphabetically words are listed and you can just need to click on the letter to find the list of words and then their meanings, phrases or slangs used in our daily language