Huawei New Smartphone Weighs Orange On The Screen

Force Touch, the latest feature which is going to be introduced in the upcoming version of the iPhone. Through this new feature, users may be able to press on the screen hardly by which another option of the new menu will be unlocked.

But what did Huawei do which is the smartphone giant in China? The company has revealed the latest phone on which the objects may be weighed. The object you want to weigh will be put on the screen and it will tell you what you are looking for.

Mate S is the name of the new smartphone that has been launched by the company and it was told by the officials of Huawei at an international radio exhibition, IFA, held in Berlin that how can you weigh an orange by using the phone.

The weight of the orange told by the smartphone was 280 grams or 10 ounces and that is a very heavy weight of the fruit. Company still did not tell that what the accurate scale of the phone is and how much weight it can actually lift.

Although you are not going to measure the weight of such objects very often but there is no doubt it is a fascinating and exciting technology.

It is a cunning way by force touch to maximize the real estate on a screen of a small size like smartwatch or smartphone. App makers are allowed to make the menu options hidden in the background and let them display only when they are being pushed hard on screen.

Force Touch can be utilized in many ways by the people in the Mate S smartphone so that screens can be zoomed in, photos can be previewed and special moves can be done in the games.

Apple Watch was the first device on which Apple introduced the feature of Force Touch during the current year by which the apps had the opportunity to give the option of images to be displayed on the full screen and there is no wastage of the space as well with the gear or hamburger icons settings.

Yet no comments have been seen from the Apple related to the Force Touch that what capability it is going to have in the upcoming iPhone 6S. You may not think that an apple is going to be measured on the screen of the phone by Tim cook on the stage but anything can happen.

Right now, debate has been going on that Apple had just announced about the feature and Huawei has introduced it with amazing technology. Therefore, now the questions are revolving in the minds of every that what Apple is going to do now.