I Can See Through Your Emotions!

Google glasses are turning out to be a very popular gadget which allows you to connect to the internet using a Wi-Fi receiver that is attached to the glass itself. This brand new high tech and greatly advanced gadget is earning great popularity, however, there is something you don’t know about it, something that will make you even more eager to buy it than you are now. Google glasses have an S.H.O.R.E facility, a great one of a kind ability that hasn’t been implemented anywhere else.

Google glasses allow its user to connect to the internet and perform searches, read news and browse websites as if they were sitting in front of a computer, only you don’t have to use your hands to have to do it. The gadget obeys vocal commands that are spoken orally by their user. The user tells the glasses what to do and what to search. The gadget can also act as a camera taking photos of everything you want, saving them inside the glasses’ built-in memory. However there is one thing that makes these glasses even more attractive, one thing that makes it hard to resist the powerful temptation to buy them: S.H.O.R.E which stands for “Sophisticated High-speed Object Recognition Engine” (SHORE).

SHORE (Sophisticated High-speed Object Recognition Engine) is a new application that was applied to Google’s glasses on September 1st, 2014. This application can infer from real humans and statues or pictures. When SHORE detects a human it automatically knows if he is a male or a female, SHORE also shows its users the estimated age of the viewed person. It is estimated that there is a 94.3 percent rate that the glasses will get the gender right. The glasses have more than 10,000 faces in its reference data base so they can distinguish genders and ages. According to the Fraunhofer Institute, it took many years to develop this sophisticatedly complicated and high tech gadget.

The main use of this gadget is neither to determine age nor is it to state gender, the main purpose of these high tech Google glasses is to skillfully read ones most inner emotions. By wearing these SHORE (Sophisticated High-speed Object Recognition Engine) glasses, the user can easily see a person’s emotions. There are four kinds of basic emotions that can be read by this device, sadness, happiness, anger and surprise, with the latter two usually mixed with happiness or sadness.

Criticizers say that it is not acceptable to enter ones emotional privacy, because if a person wants to act happy even if he is sad, everyone should believe him/her and not attempt to decipher their private thoughts. C-Net, however, has defended Google glasses and the SHORE app particularly by telling people that this app only reads facial expressions, its emotion reading abilities don’t travel further through the path of emotion recognition. C-net also said that the SHORE app is not available for downloading because it is not clear if the FI (Fraunhofer Institute) is waiting for another tech company to team with in making this app available to the world at large.

It’ll certainly be exciting to see the world through a different, more tech-like pair of eyes. Will you be buying a pair?