IBM & Apple partnership Is An Arrangement Steve Jobs Would Love

In mid July, an announcement about Apple and IBM partnership provided good news for the companies, but left the customers a little confused. However, over the years, it’s understood that Apple has presented itself as the little guy that’s going up against the colossus of IBM. A popular Macintosh ad which was aired in 1984 super bowl and which was directed by Ridley Scott depicted Apple as the iconoclast, a hammer who was throwing a hammer into a massive screen where IMB, shown as the big brother is providing lectures to followers who look like zombies.

Apple played similar cards against the equally well known Microsoft windows where it was learnt that Microsoft users are not just hip as they are because the Apple customers are unconventional and laid back. According to Sam Sanders, for apple to combine with IMB provides a twist and a situation which is ripe with irony and one which is of the most entertaining type. This deal leverages major strengths provided by Apple in mobile devices and unquestioned expertise provided by IBM. The story which has just been published by a reputable technology blog has attracted the attention of technology experts and enthusiasts alike.

“I’m thinking that Steve Jobs would have loved this idea if he were alive today, said Tim Cooks, Apple’s CEO. He says that the deal is a great puzzle that fits together seamlessly. Apple has slowly weaved its way into the large scale business market with its ipads while its massive success in iPhones the world over can’t be questioned. Now, IBM will commence selling iPads and iPhones to the corporate market, putting many experienced developers and consultants behind the effort.

IBM will also commence adapting the big business information apps to suit Apple’s operating system. This may help Apple make inroads into the world of large enterprises. These can be   a lot for throwing mallets into the face of a big boy. However, on the IBM side, an opportunity is to deliver highly creative solution to customers is made available. And as if not to notice what a massive endorsement this represents, with IBM signing off Apple’s iOS as a stable, exciting and secure technology, one that the firm is more willing to let its reputation remain behind. The position which iOS presents as a business solution for smart phones and tablets has never been stronger.

In the meantime, consumers of the products offered by these companies can enjoy artificial intelligence offering and an entertaining spectacle. With products such as Siri and Watson, there is a lot which customers can achieve, says Peter Muller, a technology blogger. According to him, the partnership between IBM and Apple can be said to be one between two giants, who by their differences can bring about serious changes in the mobile device market and enhance the overall experience which the users will have.