Impression Of First Look; Custom One Pro Plus Headphones!

After spending time of two years on top list in headphones, the company of Beyer dynamic is aiming to increase their level of perfection by providing the people the thing which they were wishing for. In case of the headphone from Custom One Pro, it shows that the same audio of high quality will be provided with more advanced rating and facilities.

The series of the Custom One Pro gives the answer of their questions and wishes. One complain about the device was that, apart from their changed appearance the material required was hard to get for the people.

The headphones of Pro One sort out the problem by introducing a set with 16 air cup tiles in many different verities. Think about professional gamers rapping their group with the facilitated device and you will come to know in which direction Beyer dynamic is heading with all this.

But the headsets and headphones are not same thing. The requirement of the gamers is not the heaphones, they want headsets for their games. It is also covered by Beyer dynamic as it will come with upgrading option that will turn the pro headphones into a gaming gear for the game lovers. This is one of the new added options in these headsets. The second option is that they are having an in-line controller, which is in the box.

All most all the parts of the headphone can be changed from ear buds to the headset. It means that you will get a pair of headphones you want, not just only the one that you are already having.

One of the problem of wearing these headphones is that, by wearing headset for a long time when you are gaming, put stress on the top part of the head and also if you wear glasses behind your ears. Both these headphones are soft and plushy, not so thick that they cover your face.

The style and shape of the changeable ear cup tiles are different from each other and are made to fit. It is very easy method to change the tiles. You just need to take out four hez screws and then you can change them as u want. This process may take approximately 10 minutes without being in haste. With the help of four sound modes given you can change the sound of the profile.

The thing that it’s lacking is the volume controller. The second option of the microphone is inside the headset and there is also an adjustable microphone that you have to plug in between the cable and headset. Although we cannot tell the quality of the microphone but Beyer dynamic says that the head Gear will change your One Pro into a profession.

The Custom Pros are well known devices so will not waste time in going through their qualities. These gadgets providing all the required facilities combined in one place and meeting the demands of the people.

This updated version of headphones is an awesome thing with many options, comfort and level of quality. These headphones are best choice for the game lovers.