Instagram Used By 300 Million Users Monthly!

After getting on top level with 200 million users monthly, the app for sharing of pictures Instagram got the rank of milestone that is 300 users are monthly using this application.

Out of 300 million users that are using Instagram 65% are those people who live out of US in some other countries. Almost by taking average we can say that almost 70 million pictures are shared by the users on Instagram each day that were 60 million last year.

This rank made Instagram a leading figure among the network of apps on social level. In the estimation of October there were almost 284 million actively participating users.

The CEO of Instagram gave his views in a report that they are excited to see this community get to its peak and witness the great series of links that people create of the passion that is shared of their journey in different area.

One sixth of the people that are the user of Smartphones almost 52.3 million people use Instagram. Out of all these people almost 80% are of the ages from 12 to 35.

According to Systrom he wants Instagram on the level of authentication so that the services will be inaugurated in the future for the people who are either athletes or celebrities. But is not yet clear the verified status can be qualified by the users.

This service finding the fake and the accounts which are spam and are trying to delete them from the Instagram permanently.

The application of Instagram was introduced in front of the people 5 years before in 2010 and the people use it in order to share pictures that are often with special filters. It was launched last year for the applications in mobile phones and smart devices.

A new application Hyperlapse was introduced by Instagram. The function on that app is to let you make the lapsed movies.

Two years before social networking app Facebook got Instagram for 1 billion dollars and sort out ways to share pictures service through it on Facebook. Last year Instagram started its advertisement and its base of almost 300 million users is very charming for the marketers.

The advertisement business of Instagram is very slow yet and it needs a bit of effort to grow in the marketing areas. For this purpose they are working on it.